About Us

Thump Music is a South Australian family run company owned and operated by Mark Randall and supported by his wife, Sam and three young children. From a young age Mark has had a strong connection with music, learning piano at age 7 and then progressing onto other instruments such as Bass Guitar, Guitar & Drums. His passion for music led to the establishment of his music teaching business, and launched his career as a music educator over 20 years ago.

Mark has chosen Thump Music to be his next venture in sharing his love of music with the music community. Thump Music is a company for music appreciators, run by musicians with the music appreciators best interests at heart. We are a young company that believes in sharing the knowledge of music by way of introducing both International and home grown Artists to the Thump Community here in Australia. We love what we do and love the passion that the clinics/shows spark in musicians new and experienced. As William Yeats stated “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”