Can I bring my own instrument with me to play at the clinic/show?

The Artist has asked that no instrument is played when The Artist is teaching in their clinic/show’s. The information they have to pass onto you is amazing and it would be ruined by a person playing next to you.

Will their be a Meet & Greet so that we can get things signed and a photo with The Artist?

There will be a meet & greet or photo op for all VIP Ticket holders.

What times will the doors open?

Doors will open approximately 30 mins before the clinic/show starts in your state. If you are wanting to purchase more tickets on the day we would encourage you to arrive early to not miss out.

Will The Artist be playing any of their songs?

The Artist will be playing songs they have written and performed on at each clinic/show to blow you away. They also will be covering information never taught in Australia on techniques, how to write and being successful in the industry (Clinics only).

Is the artist going to be taking questions?

If so the artist will carry this out from stage.

I lost my ticket what do i do?

Your ticket is emailed to you electronically from THUMP MUSIC via EVENTBRITE. Please make sure that you have the latest update of Adobe Reader and or you may try a different browser such as firefox, chrome etc. You can check your emails and print out the ticket again without an issue. Contact THUMP MUSIC if you are still having trouble.


Can I get a refund? As my friend did not show up.

As per terms and conditions THUMP MUSIC will not offer refunds on tickets purchased so please choose wisely. We thank you for your understanding.

Will there be tickets for sale at the door?

THUMP MUSIC cannot assure you that tickets will be available on the day of the clinic/show. As we are bringing out high profile artists to Australia their popularity can be massive and tickets do not stay for long. We would advise jumping online and grabbing your ticket to avoid disappointment. Spread the word to friends and family.

Will The Artist be playing and doing other things on this tour?

The Artist is specifically booked only for the clinic/show in each state. Sadly due to time constraints THUMP MUSIC and The Artist are unable to carryout any other commitments.

Will there be a JAM with the ARTIST contest carried out in each state? (Clinics Only)

This is entirely up to the Artist as to whether a JAM is offered. This will be announced at the launch of a tour.

Can I bring my video camera or camera into the venue to record or take photos?

THUMP MUSIC and Management have requested that no professional photography or high grade DLSR’s will be permitted. At no point will videoing be accepted and customers if caught will be warned and then asked to leave. THUMP MUSIC employ professional photographers to take a range of photos during the different clinic/shows. These will be available from our website and social media pages.

Will the artist be performing at any other events when in Australia?

No the artist is purely brought out by THUMP MUSIC to carry out this clinic/show tour. They will not be performing any other shows or clinics than what THUMP MUSIC is promoting.

Once again without your support we cannot bring out amazing artists like this. We encourage you to keep on supporting THUMP MUSIC and spread the word. We want to keep moving forward and bringing the best musicians to Australia for you all.