Thump Music is the only company that I’m aware of that brings amazing niche artists out to Australia for solo master class tours. Don’t be put off by the “master class” tag. I’m not a musician at all, but grabbed the chance to see Joe Satriani appear for Thump on a Saturday afternoon in Melbourne and it was an outstanding event.  It had been a few years since Joe last toured here solo.

I can’t believe I paid such a small sum to see Joe in a really nice, comfortable auditorium setting, in the front row, a couple of metres away from him. I got to sit and listen to Joe talk about 10 different aspects of composing, recording or performing, and then play 10 songs that illustrated what he was talking about.

Then there was a fun jam session with two or three selected guitarist from the audience.  It went for over two hours. He then stayed for around two hours taking photos and signing items, which was incredibly generous of him.  And Thump gave everyone a gift! I would have given them a gift just for bringing Joe out here.



In any discussion about bass playing virtuosos – the names Victor Wooten and Marcus Miller would be high on any list. I had an awesome time attending the Thump Music clinics put on by both musicians in Sydney a few years back – having made the 2 hour drive each way from Newcastle.

The fact that Thump could organise the calibre of artist they did, and put on such a unique and professional clinic, was very impressive. It wasn’t just a chance for the guys to show off their mind-blowing skills either – from taking questions from the audience, to jamming with a lucky few, to sticking around afterwards to make sure everyone had the chance to get something signed or take a photo – it was an experience I’ll never forget, and walked away inspired to get better at my own craft. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a Thump Music clinic, and can’t wait to see who they bring out next!

Jeff Franks – Newcastle


Going to a Thump Music guitar clinic has changed my life. Not only did I get to meet and Jam on stage with Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert (which I never thought would happen to me) , but the guys were so friendly and down to earth, that it made me want to keep coming back for more.

They genuinely do this for the love of music, and they get off on other musicians, getting inspired from their shows. Photos on Facebook from their afterhours time with their overseas guests, shows me that any artist thinking of doing a clinic with Thump Music is in for a professionally organised show and they will be looked after during their stay.

I can’t say enough about the boys at Thump Music, and their clinics has definitely changed my life, and not just musically…

Thump Music hands down are the pioneers in this area, I have been to plenty of clinics and none even come close. All the best.